Design 2

Where to start?

Strictly speaking it’s not natural to design a whole new settlement.

These things should grow up over time, in response to human needs, desires and demands.

Villages, towns and cities that have grown organically tend to be the richest in character.

But, man (and yes it usually is ‘man’) has been using systems of urban planning ever since a connection could be made between drawing a line and transferring that line from the paper to the ground.

This method evolved into different systems.

Grids and circles, and mixtures of the two.

Grid iron plan of Miletus

Ebanezer Howard’s schematic plan












More on grids and circles.

These ways of controlling and planning settlements have had a profound influence on our living environments.

Grids are the result of a rational approach that was ideal for controlling land distribution, real estate values and people.

Circles initiated a spatial approach to planning. Sometimes they were taken literally, but it’s more about a process.

But do they create great places to live?

By and large, we think not.

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