New Home

“As designers and experienced builders, we believe that it is our responsibility to create beautiful and sustainable places that combine the qualities of well loved and proven settlements with contemporary building methods” Carole Salmon – Director

They have… “created a model for our future. One of which Ebenezer Howard would be proud.”
Nick Boles Planning Minister.
“A company philosophy that embraces the concept of building sustainable communities where people genuinely want to live and interact with one another to enjoy a high quality of life.” The Judges, Your New Homes Awards
“We have joy in the environment and pleasure in the houses. Our quality of life has improved enormously since we moved here.” Resident of the Wintles

We thought the best way of proving that it is possible to design a new village with the ambiance and features of the old was to build it.
See The Wintles project, pictured above.

What makes a great place to live?

This is the question that we have been asking ourselves since 1993 when we set up Living Villages and The Living Village Trust. Over those 20 years we have designed, and built a number of new neighbourhoods to prove that our ideas work.

Now we have set up Mindful Placemaking as a design service for those who wish to build in a convivial and sustainable way.

Mindful Placemaking uses our unique seven step method of designing and developing to create places to live that are human scale, and are a response to the natural growth of an existing area.

This is the pattern of development that has proved itself to be the most successful in the past. Viability is ensured by creating places where people actually want to live.

This is true sustainability, and common sense. See Bob talk about this at the Dartington Future Homes Conference.

Take a ‘walk through’ one of our neighbourhood designs