The glittering prizes


Welcome to our trophy shelf and a few ‘photos of celebs.


Nick Boles at the Wintles

Nick Boles at the Wintles









Environment 2010 – David Bellamy and a young Bob in 2003 or so, despite the year 2010 on the Worcester Bosch plaque!

Sustainable New Homes – Kevin McCloud. Paul King from WWF, Andrew Mason from Ecostruct and us.

Housebuilder of The Year – The Living Villages team collects a whole host of prizes including best landscape, best sustainable home etc. Had trouble carrying them home! (Nothing to do with the celebratory glass or two … )

“Quite simply, in the judges’ opinion, Living Villages is the most innovative privately-funded housebuilder currently developing in Britain.

Its flagship development, The Wintles, in Shropshire, is testimony to a company philosophy that embraces the concept of building sustainable

communities where people genuinely want to live and interact with one another to enjoy a high quality of life. ” The judges

HRH saying hello to Carole

HRH saying hello to Bob … no prizes for suggesting speech bubble content here!