Our Work

Our Work

The Wintles


The Wintles was our second development. We bought the land in 1998 partly as a reaction to the planning application for a run-of-the-mill estate on the site that was being considered at the time.  MORE

Willow Green

We developed a layout plan for an eco-friendly neighbourhood on the outskirts of Truro which was submitted for planning in November 2013.

The inspiration for the layout comes from the pattern of existing local villages and the natural properties of the site. MORE





Glendevon was designed to be a new village as part of a major regeneration scheme at Winchburgh, just eighteen miles west of Edinburgh. A potential first for Scotland as a new village which combined energy-efficient houses with an attractive place to live. More

Bells Court

bc-trip-may-2012-034Our very first development: five houses set around a shared courtyard and all linked to each other with garden walls and walkways. All this on a site that would probably have taken five traditional detached units with integral garages. People must have thought we were crazy. More


Imagine a pedestrian priority village in Milton Keynes! This one was to be something that stood out in a town that is unashamedly designed for the car, and seems to be ruled by the car. We had high hopes that in awarding us this site the Corporation was signalling a new direction for the entire town … More

St. Mellion

St. Mellion is a golf course in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Permission was only given to us to build here because of the unique ‘sense of place’ we intended to establish. More



A fabulous place, right by the sea on the west coast of Scotland with views out to Arran and the Holy Isle. More


The site in Chillington was right in the heart of a lively village not far from the sea in Devon. Our challenge was to design something that could help keep the village alive by stimulating social interaction, and at the same time keep the bank and the planners happy. More