About The Living Village Trust

About The Living Village Trust

Living Villages and The Living Village Trust was set up in 1993.

Yes, even in those closing years of the last century we wanted to make the places that we live in more eco-friendly and pleasant.

Rather than just talking about it though, we got out there and designed and built some prototype sustainable neighbourhoods with the help of a patron. These were The Wintles and Bells Court in Bishops Castle, Shropshire.

By building these places, and monitoring the energy use, we discovered something fundamental for eco-friendly development.

We discovered that, whilst energy savings within buildings is important, it is the lifestyle and wider community activities that make the most difference.

For example, the best ways to reduce environmental impact are to grow your own food, work from home, walk to local facilities and share things with your neighbours.

So, we have devised a way of planning site layouts that encourage all of the above, and make the new place beautiful.

The secret is in the study and analysis of places that are well looked after and loved by their inhabitants.

By learning from these towns and villages with proven sustainability, we create designs for new developments that will be just as successful.

The trick is to bring these timeless qualities into contemporary developments.

The Living Village Trust is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.


Carole Salmon and Bob Tomlinson
Founder Directors of Living Villages

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