Design 4 find the spot

Find the spot.

Getting to know the site and the land around it is crucial.

This is why I think about where I would pitch my tent as if I were spending the night there.

This forces me to engage with the place.

Obviously things like; solar orientation, prevailing winds, water courses and topography will be important.

But there may be something else.

I try and use intuition. It is important to be aware of what the land has to offer.

On some sites, there are many clues as to where these key spots are.

Other sites are more difficult, but there are always some spots which are better than others.

Sometimes though, I question whether or not the site is suitable for development at all!

When I feel comfortable and excited about the key spots, I mark them on the ground.

I then spend some time at these points thinking through how a place might evolve around them.

I think about how a child who has been born in that place will begin to explore the area around their house and then out to the boundaries of the settlement.

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