Design 1

We don’t tick boxes.

Designing a Living Village is all about engaging with the elements that will eventually create a new place.

This is an intuitive process that starts with the aspects of the site and develops these in such a way as to work with their particular character and beauty.

For me it’s more like creating an abstract painting than working methodically through a design process.

I think that is why the end result has more ‘life’.

Places with life and character are often desirable, and have a high value. More

So, before we begin to explore the design process, it’s useful to realise that the clues are in the name Living Villages and to keep these in mind.

We create places that are ‘living’ and can be called a ‘village’.

Obviously these can come in all shapes and sizes.

A place that has ‘life’ and is ‘living’ can be urban, suburban or rural.

A village is a collection of buildings with its own unique identity.

More on this later, but local culture will usually dictate what is understood to be a ‘village’.

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