A fabulous place, right by the sea on the west coast of Scotland with views out to Arran and the Holy Isle.

Working closely with the local landowner we decided not to cover this beautiful place with bungalows like previous development proposals. Instead we’ve looked at how this place can become a focus for the Seamill area with houses, a shop, café, perhaps a business support centre.

Because the area is popular with the ‘older set’ we’re thinking about how it might become a lively place for rock n’ roll oldies who also want to support younger people. We’d like to create a new neighbourhood that is designed both to provide for elders and to subsidise youngsters trying to get a house.

It’s early days on this one, as the planning has a long way to go, but it may be the beginning of a new type of development which revives a natural tradition in housing.

Would something like this on the west coast of Scotland be interesting to you? Let us know. If you want to use our design service please go to mindful placemaking.